At MixiSquares, we provide exceptional gourmet bakery items all in the shape of individual squares. You can now select from an assortment of delicious classic treats such as brownies, and cakes, as well as some of our newest bakery items such as "brookies" (brownie+cookie). At MixiSquares, we strive to create the perfect sweet indulgence. That is why all of our recipes are made from scratch using only the finest ingredients and have been extensively tested over and over. We believe that if you are going to indulge in a sweet treat, you should make it an amazing one. Experience the difference today. Make it a MIXISQUARES day! 



MixiSquares are individual gourmet bakery items in the form of squares created by Mishiko, a home baker who has always been passionate about the art of baking. When Mishiko decided to open a catering business and sell her delicious bar cookies, she quickly discovered that by focusing on the actual square shape of bar cookies, she would also be able to offer an extensive range of other sweet treats as well. This allowed her to include her famous coffee cakes, brownies, brookies, and cakes. Thus MixiSquares was born.

Mishiko (owner) is an artist/actor who has an extensive background in graphic design which has helped her to craft beautifully baked items and package them in attractively designed boxes. She has also worked in the luxury hotel industry in Washington DC for many years where she learned the importance of providing customers with the best experience ever. And today, she incorporates that same philosophy and exacting attention to detail to MixiSquares, never cutting corners...literally!!